Pilates, Yoga, and Physical Therapy in Park City, Utah





Senior Pilates Instructor and Studio Manager

Brooke Benton loves to move. Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, Brooke grew up with the understanding that a healthy lifestyle begins with physical movement. The promise of new adventures in dance and outdoor activities lead her to the University of Oregon where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dance/Kinesiology.

There Brooke discovered Pilates and found that it not only enhanced her dance training, but also embodied her lifestyle. After becoming certified through Polestar Pilates in 2004, Brooke moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to continue her pursuit of Pilates and dance. Since then Brooke has had the opportunity to teach Pilates at a variety of studios and gyms, before opening her own studio- Core Pilates Sausalito. In addition to working with clients, Brooke has dedicated herself to becoming an Master Trainer and Certifying Instructor through The Center for Women’s Fitness.  Through The Center of Women’s Fitness, Brooke has taken her practice to a new level and continues to seek greater educational opportunities within the field. Brooke is also certified in the Pink Ribbon Program as a breast cancer recovery specialist.  In 2007 she attended the cadaver workshop at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York, NY. 

In 2012, Brooke and her husband moved to Park City to be closer to family and the amazing outdoors of Utah.  When she’s not at the studio she is laughing with her daughter or playing in the mountains- skiing, trail running, and mt biking.  In or out of the studio, Brooke takes her high energy and enthusiasm into every aspect of life.  She strives to bring vitality, educated body awareness, and love of physical movement to each and every client. 



Studio Owner and Pilates Instructor

Emma  knew she needed to do something after bending over one day to tie up her shoe laces and could not stand back up again. Four beautiful babies and natural births had taken its toll on not only her pelvic floor, but her lower back and posture. After hobbling around with a cushion to sit on for weeks she finally found the courage to open the door of a local Pilates studio. “ I need help” she shared with the instructor standing tall before her “I don’t even know how to stand up straight anymore”…  This was the birthplace of Emma’s love for Pilates and her growing passion to share the benefits of Pilates with anyone and everyone.

Emma learned very quickly that Pilates not only helped her feel better and stronger and had her moving without pain again, it was like the unlocking of a door of understanding how good you can feel in your body. It became the springboard that made all the other activities she loved to do better. She learned that you don’t have to accept feeling average – Pilates can help in so many ways. Emma has undertaken training in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States and has benefitted from each of these experiences.

Emma has always loved to teach and loves sharing the benefits of Pilates with her clients. She is particularly passionate about teaching Pilates to teenagers as she believes body awareness and mindful movement are such a gift at that age . Since moving to Park City she has seen the need for such an active community to have a full service Pilates Studio easily accessible. Welcome to Studio Pilates Park City.    



Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor

Originally from Orange County, Ca- Jill has always had a passion for fitness and taking care of her body.  After years of practicing yoga and Pilates and feeling the benefit it brought to her life she wanted to share this with others.  

Jill is certified through STOTT Pilates and has over 500 hours of Yoga training. Her classes are for all experience levels and will leave you feeling happy, stronger and more balanced! When not teaching she spends her time with her daughter and husband, usually in the kitchen or playing outside!



Senior Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor

A recent transplant to Utah, from West Palm Beach, Fl, Anna Lee has been involved with the Pilates Method for over 15 years. First using the Pilates Method to recover from sports injuries in her own body, she now seeks to help others return to health, improve biomechanics and better sports performance. Anna Lee received her first Pilates Certification from All-American Pilates in 2003, passed the Pilates Method Alliance exam in 2005 and was awarded a Gold Level Certification (the highest in the industry at the time). A self proclaimed “anatomy geek”, Anna continues her study of the body, with the practice and teaching of Vinyasa and Yin yoga, as well as dealing with fascia and “stuck tension” using the Melt Method. 

Joseph Pilates said “The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body, not at its mercy”… and in every private session and class that Anna teaches, that’s her goal… to teach you to more deeply know yourself.



Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor

Julia Pierson, PT, DPT received her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Utah in 2014. She grew up on a cherry farm in Traverse City, Michigan and was raised in an active family that spent time cross-country skiing, running, cycling, and sailing. Prior to graduate school, Julia completed her bachelors degree at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF) where she had an athletic scholarship for cross-country skiing and running.

During her skiing career at UAF, she competed in two NCAA championships and earned All-American status.  Since graduating from PT doctoral training, Julia has worked at the Intermountain Hearing and Balance Center with a focus on treating patients with dizziness and balance disorders. She has also completed a nationally renowned competency based course in vestibular rehabilitation and several other vestibular focused
courses on conservative management for post-concussion, migraine, and cervicogenic dizziness.  Julia and her husband, Joel, welcomed their son, Calvin, into their family in 2017. 

Julia benefited from post-natal pelvic health physical therapy and Pilates in order to get back to doing the things she loves to do. Having her son has inspired Julia to pursue continuing education in women's health, pelvic health, and orthopedics so that she can help other women thrive. She is working towards a pelvic rehabilitation practitioner certification through The Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and has completed the Pelvic Floor Level 1 course. Julia earned her Pilates for Rehabilitation certification from Polestar Pilates in 2014; she is eager to incorporate this training into her clinical practice.

In her free time, Julia continues to enjoy trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. Her newest excitement is including her son in as many of these adventures as possible.



Pilates Instructor

Emily is a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor for Mat and Reformer. She has also completed her Chair and Injuries and Special Populations Course. Emily believes in the healing power of Pilates! If you know her it is likely you have been dragged or coerced into taking a class only to discover the joy and physical rewards for yourself.

When she is not teaching Pilates, Emily is teaching at UrgeLife, helping CEO’s and other leaders increase their life satisfaction and meaning-making margins, working on her passion project, pōm spiritual poetics, planning her next vacation, and trying to see the world in a grain of sand. You can learn more about her at www.emilymotzkus.com  



Physical Therapist,  Pilates Instructor, Health Coach

Sandy is a native of Riverside, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She grew up participating in gymnastics, softball, basketball, volleyball and track. Her athletic career narrowed to softball when she played at DePaul University. a Division 1 NCAA program. During her career at DePaul University, Sandy's team played in two women's college world series and finished the season in the NCAA's Top 25 rankings three out of her four years.

After graduating, playing in the National Professional Fast Pitch League for one season and completing prerequisites, Sandy was accepted into the University of Utah Physical Therapy Doctoral Program. Upon Moving to Utah, Sandy was introduced to Pilates and became immediately interested in how the movement practice could complement her athletic training.

During her physical therapy school internships, she realized the Pilates curriculum gave her the ability to see three dimensional movement. This allowed her to effectively correct faulty movement patterns in clients, thereby decreasing symptoms such as pain and discomfort.

Sandy utilizes an eclectic approach when treating clients, drawing from a foundation of knowledge based on her education, experience and self guided learning. As a facilitator for healing, Sandy gets satisfaction from seeing her clients improve their movement quality, athletic performance and overall quality of life. She knows what it is like to train at an elite level and has experienced how injury can impede years of hard work. However she also knows the resiliency and robustness of the human body and believes each client has, with in themselves, the ability to heal and progress.



Pilates Instructor

Kim has been a dedicated outdoor athlete for over 14 years, passionate about rock climbing, trail running and mountain biking. Having discovered the benefit of Pilates to supplement sport-specific training, improve movement, as well to rehabilitate, manage and prevent sport-related imbalances and injuries, she decided to pursue teaching. Her goal is to help others discover the benefits of Pilates.

Trained through the Streamline Teacher Training Program in Salt Lake City, Kim competed her comprehensive Pilates certification in January, 2018. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University. Prior to changing her focus, Kim worked in natural sciences and resource management for over 10 years.

McCallum intends to spreading health and wellness through movement and Pilates. In addition to climbing, mountain biking and playing outside, Kim likes to cook, travel, practice her French and spend time with her husband and dog.



Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor

During the studies towards her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Utah, Becky pursued the comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates, exploring the concepts behind intelligent movement. She continues to enhance her rehabilitation expertise through NAIOMT, analysis of cycling postural biomechanics and other movement realms. 

Becky is passionate to empower her clients through functional anatomy education, whole body integration and mindfulness to thrive in dynamic, vibrant lifestyles. She is grounded in the belief that mind-body awareness and preventative exercises are vital in protecting our minds and bodies. Becky is energized by the wilderness surrounding Park City while exploring Mother Nature's playground. She is an avid volleyball player, retired tap dancer, lover of loose leaf tea, and is quick to seek out live music whenever the opportunity arises.




Rachel took her first Pilates class in 2008. She originally sought it out for back pain and to help alleviate knee pain from an old sports injury. She has been devoted ever since.  In 2015 she transitioned that love into a profession and successful completed a 500 hour teacher training program and certification. Rachel loves how Pilates requires and promotes a deep connection to our bodies though breathing and muscle isolation. She feels it is important to challenge and inspire clients so that they walk away feeling more connected to themselves. They can expect to also have a greater sense of personal strength, flexibility and balance (internally and externally), and mind body connection. 




Andrea discovered that Pilates was the only exercise besides walking that she could do while healing from a herniated disk.  Once she saw the impact of Pilates on her life she decided to become certified instructor.  It became obvious that she could help many women over the age of 50 who suffer from aging/menopausal/structural related issues with Pilates.  In addition, the beneficial emotional impact that came from addressing these health issues with Pilates became a driving force in her practice.  Today Andrea’s practice is primarily dedicated to women and men over the age of 50.

She is passionate about helping people experience the thrill of being strong, flexible and balanced.  She tailors workouts for individuals and groups always dedicated to inspiring students to lead a healthy, active and fulfilling life.  Andrea brings professionalism to the relationships with her clients honed over careers in the for-profit and non-profit world.

Andrea completed her apparatus and mat certification through Half Moon/The Fitness Guru.  Before moving to Park City, she has taken advanced mat and apparatus training with master Pilates instructors in Connecticut and New York City.  Throughout the past few years she has continued her studies with Rebecca Rothstein, Osteoporosis /Bone Health;  Fran Hoyte, Mary Bowen, Karen Clippinger, Jennifer Kries; Evidence-based barefoot techniques; Back Care with Brent Anderson; Men’s workshop with Michael Johnson. 

Andrea is a Certified Speaker for American Bone Health, and a certified health coach from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.  




Kristen Pearson became reacquainted with Pilates in 2016 after a ten year break.  Chronic upper back pain brought her into the studio whereas the transformativeresults have made her a studio regular.  She is currently working on her Pilates Certification through Polestar Pilates and welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others.  “Health and fitness are a gift that should be nurtured and treasured.  There is a direct correlation between a person’s quality of life and their level of health and fitness.  The more time and energy you devote to Pilates, the more your body repays you in spades! “

When Kristen isn’t in the studio, she can be found reading, traveling, organizing, enjoying her family’s company and baking tasty treats (which she often brings to the studio!).