Pilates, Yoga, and Physical Therapy in Park City, Utah





It’s quite simple that if we treat others the way we would like to be treated the world would be a much happier place. Good Movement Studio believes in investing in our team, regularly supporting continuing education for all team members. We invest in our community by always supporting our favorite not for profits during their fund raising seasons.

We also have a Do GOOD class on our schedule that is free of charge, allowing those who don’t have the funds to invest in their movement the opportunity to get moving. We are always looking for more ways to do good for our community and open to any suggestions you may have…



It is also quite simple that if you can not be good to yourself how can you ever truly do good for others. We applaud all of our clients for taking the time out of their busy lives to invest and hour here and there in our studio improving their own personal strength and fitness.

We encourage our team to also make the time to invest in their mind body connection. Take the time to get out in nature, run up a hill, bike down one, eat good food, read books, be still, paint a picture, have a massage, sing out loud…it is endless. Always be good to yourself, you deserve it.



It’s proven that exercise releases “feel good” endorphins, so it goes without saying that when you move your body, your body and your mind will feel good. Imagine being able to move your body without limitations? How good would it feel to be as flexible as possible yet at the same time as strong as possible?

To have the belief that your body CAN rather than can’t…Good movement can get you there. Keep moving, never stop…even if it changes format just keep it up and you will always be able to find a moment that feels good.